Changing the world one doll at a time !

Brown Diva Dolls is a company based in Montreal that provides dolls in sizes of 14 and 18 inches with a range of complexions, from darker to lighter. Our collection includes dolls representing children with albinism and vitiligo, promoting diversity and individuality.

  • Enony N.

    Enony N.

    "As a parent, it is very important to me that my children see themselves through some of their toys so that they feel valued and that their "existence" is recognized."

  • Cathou B.

    Cathou B.

    " I wanted to give my daughter a doll with the same hair texture as her, I wanted her to know that her hair is beautiful. And now she loves to have her hair done like her doll....

  • Véronique B.

    Véronique B.

    " As a mother of a mixed race daughter, I chose Brown Diva Dolls for the brand's mission, brand values and for the woman entrepreneur who runs the company. "

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