About us


Our skin, our eyes, our hair or our size, we all have unique characteristics that make us who we are: a wonderful being! 

At Brown Divas Dolls, we believe that a person's uniqueness is their beauty and strength! 

Our Divas are there so that children can recognize the unique beauty of the people around them as well as their own beauty. 


We have a mission

To help the new generation to cultivate their self-esteem and acceptance of others.

It is through play that this mission becomes possible. Indeed, by playing with their Diva, the children are having fun, yes, but beyond the game, their perception of the world is changing.

Our belief

At Brown Divas Dolls, we firmly believe that play is a wonderful vehicle for change! After all, it is through play that children learn the first things in life: talking, interacting with others, sharing and imitate.

Not only that, but through play, children also learn to identify themselves as a person and to recognize the other.

This is why we believe it is essential to offer children, from a very young age, dolls representing ethnic and cultural diversity. 

Thus, children will be able to identify with certain dolls and gradually build their self-esteem. With the dolls that do not look like them, children will learn to appreciate the other in all his differences and uniqueness.

We wish for a world where beauty is recognized in all its forms and where children are proud of who they are. Help us create this world, one diva at a time!