A New Way To Celebrate Black History

A New Way To Celebrate Black History

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February is here again! It is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the accomplishments and strides of the black race over the years. It is also a time to promote black pride.

From Harriet Tubman freeing slaves to Martin Luther King Jr.'s march on Washington, Africans in the diaspora have made tremendous progress in the fight for equality. During this month, it is important to recognize their achievements and honour them in our own way.

It is not uncommon to see black people wearing shirts with inscriptions that speak to black pride and self-esteem. Don’t be surprised if you bump into someone wearing a top with phrases like:

Black History - Honoring the past, inspiring the future”.

Or funny ones like, I'm black every month. But this month, I'm Blackity! Black! Black!

You may even come across dismissive phrases like, As long as I'm black, I do not need a month, I exist for a lifetime.

While these individual ways black people celebrate their history. Others do it in a more organized manner. 

Let’s look at the other ways people celebrate the Black History Month:


  1. Studying Influential figures

    Martin Luther King Statute

    Dedicating time to learning about influential figures in black history and their accomplishments. This could include reading books or watching documentaries about these people. There are countless stories of African American pioneers who paved the way for future generations of black people, giving them hope that a brighter future was possible.

  2. Black Cultural Events

    Participating in events that honour black cultures such as film screenings, art exhibitions, lectures and more. These activities provide an opportunity for people of all races to come together and learn more about the history of black people from different perspectives.

  3. Supporting black-owned businesses

    Supporting organizations and businesses within the community during this month as well as all year round. Supporting black-owned businesses helps keep money within the community which can then be used to rebuild neighbourhoods and improve living conditions for those living there.

  4. A unique celebration

    Black girls with dolls

    Black dolls are a fun and unique way for many parents and teachers looking for meaningful ways to help their children to connect with this critical moment in history.

    Black dolls help our children to develop positive self-esteem. Seeing oneself represented in a toy can help affirm our identity, build confidence and foster feelings of pride and worthiness. No matter our skin colour or background, we all need opportunities for affirmation.

    However, not all black dolls are true representations of black people. Some are just painted black on a white doll, and nothing more. They don’t inculcate the unique features of the black race which is not an accurate representation in the truest sense.

    It is, therefore, important to choose only black dolls that have realistic features unique to the black race such as skin tone, facial features and hair texture. Such detail helps inspire conversations about our cultures and foster appreciation for the uniqueness of our beauty.

    As we know, there are many different types of black people - with different hair textures, skin tones and facial features! This diversity can help children see that there is no one way to be black or look like other black people. 

These truly realistic black dolls come dressed in historically accurate clothing that can help jump-start meaningful conversations on such subjects as segregation, civil rights or even the education of black kids.

For all those looking to honour and celebrate Black History Month with their children - investing in a black doll is an engaging way to learn more about our past, while also helping young people develop positive self-esteem by seeing themselves reflected back at them through their toys!

In Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. words, “We must use time creatively”. It is a great idea to use this month:

  • As an opportunity to remember our roots
  • Honour those who fought before us and make sure their efforts were not in vain!

How are you celebrating yours, either alone or with your family?

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