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Diva Nika

Diva Nika

Name: Nika
Doll size: 18 inches

About: Nika is really into sports. She likes to dance with her friends. When she's present, everyone is happy to see her. 

Features : 

  • Realistic and soft hair that can be styled
  • Vinyl body: Head, body and limbs made of vinyl
  • Cushioned body: Head and limbs made of vinyl, body is cushioned

Includes : 

  • Handmade high-end 100% cotton dress (ties up with velcro to develop motor skills)
  • Hair band with green or orange bow 
  • Shiny black ballet flats 

Materials : 

  • Doll: Vinyl, plastic eyes, natural nylon hair
  • Dress: 100% Cotton 
  • Underwear:  Cotton 
  • Shoes: Plastic and cotton
Note: The doll hairstyles are shown for demonstration purposes and can be styled as your child wishes. Please note that doll hair is not designed to be wet or exposed to heated instruments.
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